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Not-So-Brotherly Love: Philly Notches 100 Carjackings in First Two Weeks of 2022 – VIDEO

Screen cap by Boch via Twitter.

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Once upon a time, Philadelphia was better known for its brotherly love than for feral crime.  However, with Soros-funded prosecutor Larry Krasner putting criminals’ interests first and the people’s somewhere further down the list, along with so-called “bail reform,” crime has soared. In fact, even before the end of the first two full weeks of 2022, Philly has already seen 100 carjackings.

In only three of those (attempted) carjackings have card-carrying good guys pulled guns and thwarted the thugs. One of those 100 victims was US Congresswoman…who’s still a big fan of gun control.

We covered the Philly Lyft driver who ended the career of a shotgun-wielding scumbag who carjacked him just a couple of days into the new year. In another case, a grandfather with a carry permit shot an 18-year-old aspiring rocket scientist. From WPVI . . .

A driver pulled out a gun and fired after coming face-to-face with an armed teenage carjacking suspect in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia.

In an exclusive interview with Action News, the driver described how he made the split-second decision when the 18-year-old male suspect pointed a gun at him.

“I saw the gun and I thought he was going to shoot me and take the car, so I retaliated as fast as I could. And just to see another day, I had to shoot the guy,” the victim said.

“I was shaken up at first and the police calmed me down a lot and they made me feel real comfortable.”

The police made him feel “real comfortable.” As it should be. He didn’t hold up a sign saying, “Please carjack me and maybe kill me just to steal my ride.”

Here’s some video from WPVI.

Another case involved a 60-year-old man with a carry permit who got into a very close-quarters gun battle with a pair of armed aspiring particle physicists. Close enough as in he had gunshot residue on his face once the smoke cleared. From Fox29 . . .

A teenage suspect was badly injured in a shootout when police say he and another suspect attempted to carjack a driver in Mount Airy who was legally armed with his own weapon. 

Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small told reporters that a 60-year-old man was getting out of his car on the 6500 block of Cherokee Street just after 8 p.m. when he was approached by two young carjackers. 

One of the suspects demanded the man’s key and pointed a gun at his face, according to police. The man then pulled out his own gun and a shootout occurred that included nearly 17 gunshots being fired.

Once carjackers start meeting more armed resistance and take the room temperature challenge more frequently, the carjackings will decrease. Because the city’s criminal justice system seems unable or unwilling to do much at all.

The average person in Philly can’t control how long Larry Krasner remains in office. In the mean time, though, he or she can get a carry permit and a gun (and maybe some training in how to use it effectively) to protect themselves and their family.

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