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Zev/Glock 35 KC Eusebio signature slide 9mm Conversion, P80 G17


I am looking to sell this zev/Glock/ p80 partial build that is pretty much complete with a lot of zev parts
Only looking to sell to go a different route and build another Glock build
Parts list currently

RARE Zev KC Eusebio signature slide glock 35 with 40 S&W glock 35 gen 3 barrel also I have the lone wolf stainless 40-9 9mm conversion barrel! 2 oem glock 40 S&W magazine, a box of 40 S&W Remington UMC! Front sight is XS big dot night sight. rear sight is OEM glock factory steel sight

Zev complete slide parts zev skeletonized firing pin, zev competition spring kit, Zev extractor, zev pro connector, zev magwell

Glockstore pure tungsten uncaptured recoil guide rod and spring

Polymer 80 GREY Serialized PFS9 frame it came 100% didn’t start as an 80% frame
Everything listed above comes to $1235+
Asking $900 I will sell just the complete slide with all the zev parts separate if you don’t want the p80

To make it full complete it just needs a lower parts kit
I can make it complete with the lower part needed than with a shadow systems elite trigger for an extra $100 so $1000 as a complete functional glock zev 35 gen 3 40/9 build

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