I’m debating on getting rid of my creedmoor. This rifle has a very low round count and is only used for long range shooting. Have taken it out to 1300 yards insanely easy. Almost to easy. The barrel is a Bergara B14 in a MDT gen 2 XL chassis with Odin works Zulu stock. The rifle shoots sub moa with ease. Rifle will come with 1 10 round AICS mag. -Scope, mount, and bipod are NOT included. Also have some ammo for extra cost depending on the brand ranging from 25-45.

Only selling to get into a 6 mm or six eight western. The only trades I would consider would be a 6mm creedmoor or six eight western. Nothing else. So don’t bother. And if you do have a rifle I expect it to be in immaculate condition as this one is.

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