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David Hogg is Confused: None of Our Rights Are Absolute

David Hogg
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Imagine a Harvard man who can’t seem to write three sentences without contradicting himself. If you’re thinking of inveterate attention whore called David Hogg, you win a cookie. The awardee of an undergraduate place at Harvard has taken to Twitter to opine that the Second Amendment isn’t an absolute right.

“None of our rights are,” he continued.

Then he declares that “We have a right not to be shot.”

Clearly the First Amendment doesn’t restrict an Ivy League seat-warmer from dishing out inane dorm room “wisdom” about topics he clearly doesn’t understand. We hate to break it to you, David, but enumerated rights limit what the government can do, not citizens.

Oh, and no one has a “right” not to be shot. Unlike keeping and bearing arms, “not being shot” doesn’t make an appearance in the Bill of Rights. Or anywhere else in the Constitution for that matter.

You have no exemption from being perforated. Not by criminals. Not by the government. Not even by yourself, if you’re careless enough.

Americans with IQs above room temperature increasingly understand that nothing stops bad people with evil in their hearts like a good guy with a gun. That’s why, even in states with extremely restrictive gun control laws, firearm sales remain at or near record high rates.

In places with a dearth of good guys legally carrying guns – where the police have been defunded and concealed carry permits are rationed – crime flourishes. Places like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. And even Cambridge.

Yet Hogg spouts ignorant hot takes as he occupies his parents’ basement on Christmas break, desperately seeking relevance via his Twitter account. He’s blissfully unaware that, by his logice, if the right to keep and bear arms isn’t absolute, neither is his imagined right not to be shot.

Mr. and Mrs. America have seen the competing world views on gun rights vs. gun control.  And they’re voting with their wallets. That’s a reality even Hogg can’t deny. And it drives him crazy.


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