16 Magazines total, all function and have no major body dents/damage and have undamaged feed lips.

12 are Center Industries FDE/Tan EPM (Enhanced Performance Magazines) which are the newer Issued Mags with better feed lip & follower geometry.
All have light blue anti tilt follower.
All mags Cage coded and dated between 2016-2019

1 is a Center industries with a tan follower and 2011 date

1 is a Brownells with tan follower and 2010 date

2 are Okay industries one is tan follower 2017 dated other
is black follower no date.

Rifle, Pistol, AR, AR15, 556, 223, AK, AK47, 762, 762×39, Draco, Glock, P80, 17, 19, 45, Tavor, Scar, FN, HK.

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