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Washington Homeowner Stays Calm During Home Invasion By Taking a Deep Breath

Burglar home invasion door break-in

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Early Thursday morning, Jerahme Smith, who lives in suburban Seattle, woke up to the sounds of someone breaking into his home. I am sure the last thing the two home invaders expected was to be met by someone with a gun.

Once the attackers were inside, Smith yelled, “Get on the ground!” The trespasser reached for something, and Smith said “he decided it was his life or theirs.” That’s when he fired the fatal shot. Police arrived a few minutes later to find one intruder dead in the front yard and the other on the run.

In an interview with Dori Monson show, Smith said that when he heard the sound of the break-in

I sat up in bed…I always have my gun around me; it doesn’t matter where I’m at. When I heard the back door, that is when I grabbed my gun, got out of bed, … and it’s the honest-to-God truth, the first thing I did was take some breaths and collect my thoughts. Because in my mind, it was going to go one of two ways.

After that cleansing breath to collect himself, Smith confronted his attackers. As for his decision to use deadly force . . .

I’m not going to waiver on that…I protected my house. I protected my family. I protected what’s mine.

Area residents said crime has been rising, and one man told reporters. “That kind of upsets me that we have this kind of crime going on in the neighborhood. It’s not a good feeling because we don’t know—it could be something happening tomorrow, tonight, you know? Same old thing.”

As Seattle liberals continue to defund the police and as departments are stretched thin, response times will increase. With crime on the rise, people around Seattle are turning to self-defense courses and firearms for protection.

Sergeant Darren Moss from the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office said investigators completed the investigation and turned it over to the prosecutor’s office.

From . . .

Moss said that while you are allowed to defend yourself, a direct confrontation should be avoided if possible and only is the last resort.

Call the police right away, if possible. If it moves to self-defense, we’ll figure it out when we get there for the investigation. But we always say, call 911 right away, focus on protecting yourself and your family, don’t try to initiate a confrontation with an intruder.

Everyone has the legal right to defend themselves. When the time came, that’s exactly what Jerahme Smith did.

If possible, the best option is to always call the police and avoid a confrontation. But when you only have seconds to process a situation and act, you may be the only one in a position to protect your family. When the time came, Smith took a deep breath and did the only thing he could given the situation.

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