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ILA | New Jersey: Gun Control Package Moving Rapidly in the Legislature

Politicos refer to it as the “lame duck” session, the session that takes place at the end of a term, after the November election and just before the new Legislature is seated in January.  However, these bills are not just lame, they are dangerous for law-abiding gun owners.  Today, the Assembly Judiciary Committee passed a slew of anti-gun measures, with the only opposition coming from the two Republicans on the committee.  In particular, Bergen County Assemblyman Bob Auth (R-39) commented, asked questions of witnesses and challenged anti-gunners on every bill up for consideration today. 

Despite recognition by bill proponents that many of these bills will not significantly impact public safety, they forged ahead.  Several Democrat lawmakers voting in support of the package even acknowledged problems with current gun laws in the state, namely, the failure to act on FID issuance within 30 days in accordance with state statute.  This package of bills will soon be considered by the full Assembly, and a couple Senate companion measures are scheduled for Senate Committee consideration on Thursday.  It is extremely important that you contact your state lawmakers and strongly urge them to OPPOSE the below anti-gun measures.

These hastily and poorly written bills will do nothing to prevent crime and everything to inhibit New Jersey residents’ constitutional right to self-defense.  New Jersey has some of the toughest gun laws in the country, and rather than crack down on criminals, the Majority party is fixated on targeting the state’s law-abiding gun owners. 

A.1280/S.103 bans firearms .50 Caliber and greater.
A.1292/S.1481 requires registration of handgun ammunition.
A.3686/S.372 requires new residents to register firearms brought into the state. 
A.5030/S.2169 requires mandatory training to get an FID card.  Renewable every four years.
A.5647/S.3757 requires mandatory storage of firearms and renders self-defense obsolete.
A.5787/S.3826 requires all new handguns to be equipped with microstamping.  This is nothing more than a clever way to block the future sale of traditional handguns. 
A.6218 allows the Attorney General to bring cause of action for certain public nuisance violations arising from sale or marketing of firearms.

Again, please contact your Senator and Assembly Members immediately, and ask them to OPPOSE this package of anti-gun measures.​

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