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Gun grabbers aren’t all bad. Not when the one doing the grabbing is the would-be victim of a robbery on the streets of Los Angles.

As the L.A. Times reports, early Saturday morning . . .

…three armed men, all in their 20s, got out of a vehicle in the 1300 block of West 35th Street, west of USC, and approached the other man and attempted to rob him, said Los Angeles Police Department spokesperson Norma Eisenman.

The target of the three armed men apparently hadn’t heard the latest guidance from the Los Angeles Police Department. In these times of heightened criminal activity in southern California, they prefer that you just cooperate with armed criminals and “be a good witness.” Who knows? Maybe the un-named victim in this case heard what the Department had to say on the subject of self-defense, but had no attention of following the LAPD’s advice.

Either way, the robbery didn’t really go the way the three hoods had planned it. Assuming they planned it at all.

[T]he man resisted and an altercation ensued. When one of the would-be robbers dropped his handgun, the man picked it up and shot him, police said.

Seeing what their newly-armed intended victim had just done to their accomplice, the remaining two yoots jumped back in their car and floored it. You’ll be saddened to learn that the stick-up man lying on the ground with the new orifice didn’t make it. He was pronounced DRT.

We’d suggest the the un-named victim think about carrying a firearm in such a dangerous neighborhood, but given that LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva turns down three out of four applications he gets these days, the un-named man isn’t likely to secure a permit.

He may want to consider other options.



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