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ILA | New Hampshire: Pair of Pro-Gun Measures Scheduled for Committee Vote Next Week

On Tuesday, December 14, the Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to consider pro-gun legislation, House Bill 307 and House Bill 197.  Members and Second Amendment supporters are encouraged to contact committee members and ask them to SUPPORT these pro-gun measures.

House Bill 307: Over recent years, numerous local governments have attempted to enact gun control ordinances in violation of the current state firearms preemption law, putting law-abiding gun owners at risk. This piece of legislation aims at strengthening New Hampshire’s preemption law to protect New Hampshire gun owners. Further, HB 307 allows anyone adversely impacted by an ordinance or regulation to file suit against the county, city, town or government entity that enacted the violation (after notice is given).

House Bill 197 is a common-sense measure that extends the justified physical force in defense of a person, when it is believed that another person is likely to use unlawful force against the individual in a vehicle, dwelling, or curtilage. This ensures that an individual maintains their right to defend themselves and their loved ones in the event of an unlawful attacker.

Again, please contact members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and ask them to SUPPORT House Bill 307 and House Bill 197.

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