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HO HO HO: Santa Gets His Carry Permit Causing Snowflakes To Melt

Image by Boch, Base image courtesy El Paso County (CO) Sheriff via Twitter.

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Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! Lo and behold, someone at the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office photographed jolly old St. Nick getting his carry license. However, learning of Santa’s newly enhanced defensive capabilities has caused some delicate little snowflakes to melt down in a fit of fist-clenching rage.

Santa Claus carries a lot of expensive toys on his way to all the good boys and girls the world over. As such, he’s a tempting target for ethically-challenged bad guys out there.

Like millions of Americans, Santa knows that the only thing that stops mean Grinches with evil in their hearts is a good guy with a gun. And a gun left at home has little to no value once one steps outside the front door.

The photo, taken in recent days, shows jolly old St. Nick sitting at a desk completing his carry application. It also shows how the El Paso County Sheriff’s office has a sense of humor.

The sheriff’s office posted the scene on Twitter. . .

Good job, Santa.

You didn’t know that Santa Claus liked guns? Why of course he does!

If you suspected that not everyone would have a sense of humor about the Santa permit post, you win a sugar cookie.

Leave it to the delicate little snowflakes and trolls of Twitter to react with hyperbole and viciousness. In fact, a local TV station reported on the “backlash.”

A tweet from a Colorado sheriff’s office with a photo of a man resembling Santa getting his concealed handgun permit has prompted backlash on Twitter…

The tweet received over 550 comments as of Friday afternoon, including one that read, “Santa has a [expletive deleted] gun is what you’re going with? Should I show my child this pic? Will it comfort them? Will they love Santa more? Who is this tweet for?”

Another person said, “I showed this to my kid & now he’s terrified that Santa is going to come to our house to shoot him. Thanks a lot for ruining Christmas!!”

Please. He knew exactly what he was doing. Leave it to Santa to prompt all the naughty little children to self-identify to help him place them on the appropriate list for Christmas.


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