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Gun Meme of the Day: Klik Belts Meme Dump Edition

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Given the advertising nature of these memes I wouldn’t have posted any individual one of them here, but over the last week-plus Klik Belts has gone so darn meme-crazy that I figured one TTAG post sharing 10 of their memes was worth it. All of these are in service of encouraging Klik Belts’ customers to shop early, which makes sense given the effect of Mr. #LetsGoBrandon.

And, yes, I realize that concealed carry and tactical/duty/competition belts aren’t guns, but we’ve had gun-related gear memes (NODS, ammo, etc.) and gun-related political memes in the past and we’ll have ’em again in the future. Including, like, these ones happening right now as you’re literally reading these words right this second. So, yes, these are being filed under the “Gun Meme” category and please direct any hate mail to [email protected]

Okay, an argument could be made that this next one is actually the opposite of a “shop early cuz of supply chain craziness” meme, but given the news of late it’s funny nonetheless:

(FYI according to the Klik Belts Instagram feed where I saw these memes, the coupon code is “EARLY10” for 10% off and free shipping on orders until December 15th.)

Happy Monday, y’all!


Next Post Coming Soon…▶

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