This rifle is a full custom ready to go rifle. Parts list as follows.

defiance ruckus action
Bartlien barrel chambered in 6 creedmoor heavy competition contour 26”
Manners T2A Elite Tactical with M5 DBM,
Area 419 hellfire brake

This does not come with a trigger.
It has been bedded although I did grind the recoil lug space out just a little to fit a different action. But ended up changing my mind. So if you want the lug bedded you will have to put a dollop of bedding compound in there to fill it back in. Not much will be needed.

I won this rifle at a precision rifle series match and am having a hard time getting rid of it as it is. So no, I will not except any offers and no I don’t want to trade for anything.
I really should keep it but I’ll never use it and have a hard time letting just sit in the safe. I have not shot this rifle. When I won it I was told it had been shot just a few rounds to function test and make sure everything was good and safe.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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