This is a great precision rifle setup! It’s been in the safe for years waiting on glass and never happened. Everything is brand new, never fired. Top notch setup at a killer price

-6.5 Grendel caliber
-Mega arms matching billet receiver set with monolithic upper
-JP 18” Supermatch barrel, cryogenically treated barrel
-JP Bolt is headspaced and match to the barrel
-Built in bubble level
-JP adjustable gas block
-BCM Gunfighter charging handle mod 4
-Magpul Rifle stock
-Magpul Moe+ Grip
-Silencer Co compensator/suppressor Mount
-A2 Buffer system with rifle gas makes for a smooth shooting rifle.
*Comes with a 2 boxes of Hornady ELD 123 grain match ammo

Interested? Text me (801)717-7853

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