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VIDEO: TTAG’s All-Star Supreme Court After Action Legal Analysis

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As promised, TTAG assembled a who’s who of Second Amendment legal minds to give their highly educated opinions and analysis of this morning’s arguments in the New York Second Amendment case before the Supreme Court. See below for brief descriptions of the participants.

The discussion lasted about 40 minutes and was ably lead by our own LKB. Here’s video  . . .

Joseph Greenlee, Firearms Policy Coalition senior attorney and Director of Constitutional Studies.

Dave Kopel head shot

Dave Kopel, Research Director of the Independence Institute, Associate Policy Analyst at the Cato Institute, and adjunct Professor of Advanced Constitutional Law at the University of Denver’s Sturm College of Law. Follow him at

Eugene Volokh, Gary T. Schwartz Distinguished Professor of Law at UCLA and proprietor of the popular Volohk Conspiracy blog at

Cody Wisniewski, Director of the Mountain States Legal Foundation’s Center to Keep and Bear Arms.

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