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Joe Biden “I Did That” Protest Exploding Nationwide

Joe is on course to be dubbed “The Worst President in History” with his mounting decision flops that
continue to ripple across the country.

Since taking office in January, his approval rating has been on the slow and steady decline too. More
recent polls have shown it as low as a 39% amid the looming and ever-increasing inflationary prices in

President Biden’s seemingly lackluster concern for this issue is pushing the majority of hard-working
Americans over the edge.

It’s no surprise that the public is growing more and more frustrated by the day. The President blabbers
his way through telecommunication broadcasts, hopping from one unrelated topic to another – often
leaving viewers in a confused, delirium-like state.

Everything Is Going Wrong On Biden’s Watch

Barely half-way through his first year in office, Biden is piling up the X’s against himself. Chances are you
or someone you know have been impacted by one of the following:

• Tragic Afghanistan debacle
• High unemployment rates
• Higher immigration
• Massive national debt
• Increased commodity and food expenses
• SKYROCKETING gasoline prices

That last point is impacting everyone. Our country’s livelihood depends on oil. It’s our number one way
of commuting and the prices are putting more financial strain upon us.

It was only a matter of time before

A Unique Type Of Protesting Starts To Stick

People are rolling up their sleeves and sticking it to the pump. A unique trend of “I Did That” stickers
featuring Joe Biden pointing his finger has sprung up on gas stations all over the country.

Leading this protest is the site “Biden Gas Station Stickers” that has various designs, allowing you, the
everyday American that is struggling with these gas prices to send a very clear message to the man in

“You’re screwing us Biden, these gas prices are out of control!”

While humorous and entertaining, make no mistake about it – the amount of people jumping at the
chance to let Biden and staff know how much of a mess they’ve created is multiplying daily.

With over 150,000 gas stations visited by dozens of people every few minutes, the opportunity to voice
concern about this issue is massive.

It’s the perfect medium of silent protest.

We decided to do our part and let Biden know how we feel about it too

Are You Ready To Join The Movement?

So what about you?

Are you as frustrated with Biden as the majority of Americans?

Ready for a change?

Tired of non-stop gas price hikes?

Maybe you should “stick it to him” too and check out “Biden Gas Station Stickers”



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