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Central Illinois Father-Son Camp Makes Memories For Lots of Young, First-Time Shooters

Image by Boch.

Not everyone has ready access to firearms and a place to shoot. Especially young folks who live in cities like Chicago and the suburbs. However, each year at State Representative Chris Miller’s Father-Son Camp in East Central Illinois, everyone has a chance to shoot rifles and shotguns under the watchful eyes of safety officers.

The annual Father-Son Camp began with three dads spending the weekend with their sons almost thirty years ago. It grew in following years with more dads bringing their boys, sharing some bonding time, a love of the outdoors and Christian ministry.

Today, hundreds of young people participate in Miller’s camp each year, along with dads.  And volunteers like those of us at the rifle line helped to make it fun for participants.

Of the kids of varying ages who came through my lane, close to half had never touched a real gun before. They loved the experience and their faces beamed with pride when they saw their targets.

About ten of us coached the kids, young and old. We helped shape some very positive memories that will remain with them for many years.

Image by Boch.

While astroturf-supported “activists” like David Hogg claim that young people can’t stand guns, I got just the opposite vibe from actual American kids at the camp. They loved the outdoors and fun with guns, as well as the archery station not far away.

These kids would have stayed and shot all day long if given the opportunity.

Me with a young man who wanted to shoot the AR-15/22. Image by Keith Pippin. Used with permission.

We met some great people. Daniel was the second shooter of the day for me. He had never fired a gun before and had already grown past seven feet tall as a teen.

Image by Justin Bawcum, used with permission.

I stand six feet tall and look like a runt compared to Daniel. No, he didn’t shoot the “youth” sized rifle, but the AR-15/22 with the stock fully extended.

We all had a great time sharing the fun and excitement of shooting with young people and watching their big smiles.


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