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Gun Meme of the Day: The Truth About GLOCKs Edition

…and more accurate than even you may realize.

I inherited a 98 Lexus (one of the first-generation Lexus’s) that’s based on the Camrey (runs great, 100,000 miles on it and just about broken-in nicely), and just for grins, did an internet search for some performance parts for it, thinking as popular as the Camry’s are, there had to be *something* available for it. A manifold, anything, since there are literal shit-tons of Civic parts for my first new Civic si back in the late 80s.

Nope. Nearly *zero* to show for tens of millions sold.

Eh, it’s OK. It runs great, always been garaged, has nice leather, a stock Mark Levinson sound system (not as nice as the Nakamichi-based sound in my old Civic si), but plenty nice enough for stock. And it’s been paid for for over 20 years by now… ?

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