Yes, but the meme helps to highlight the absurdities that lie within our labyrinth of laws.

I personally know a Federally sworn agent (one of the good ones), and he told me that shortly after he received his promotion, he was assigned to his first case that required plane travel. As he approached the TSA checkpoint, he informed the supervisor, who called in to verify his status. His gun was declared and catalogued, but not taken, and his luggage was not searched or scanned. Within five minutes he was cleared and allowed to proceed with boarding, but the supervisor pointed to the knife clip visible on my friend’s pant pocket and said, “Sorry, but you can’t board with that.”

My friend said, “What, my knife”?

“Yes. That isn’t allowed on the plane.”

“Let me make sure I understand. I’m a Federal Law Enforcement Agent boarding with a loaded gun on my person. But the knife is prohibited?”

“Sorry, sir. I don’t make the rules. Gun yes, knife no.”

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