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Chickens Roosting: Beto’s Gun-Grabbing Pledge Haunts Him As He Readies For A Run for Texas Governor

Election 2020 Beto O'Rourke
I said what? (AP Photo/John Locher)

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[Beto] was so forceful and unyielding that gun-control advocates cringed, fearing that wary gun-owners would conclude that in their hearts, Democrats are gun-grabbers and that even modest restrictions are a prelude to confiscation.

“That is going to follow him for the rest of his life,” said Andi Turner, legislative director for the Texas State Rifle Association. “He didn’t just say it once…and most Texans, they have internet. Hell yes, it’s going to follow him. Texans who believe in the Constitution and the Second Amendment specifically are not going to tolerate gun confiscation from law abiding citizens.”

It wasn’t the first or last time O’Rourke demanded mandatory buybacks of assault-style weapons.

But it was the most colorful – so colorful that Second Amendment defenders and advocates of gun violence reduction alike are scratching their heads as to how he can possibly get past it. And the consensus is that he must, to have any chance against Gov. Greg Abbott.

Because while mandatory buybacks polled pretty well among Democrats in fall 2019, after a summer of mass shootings, no one sees confiscation of guns purchased legally and owned by non-criminals as a winner in a Texas election.

— Todd J. Gillman in




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