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Aimpoint ACO and 3X-C, unity and adm


I have a brand new unused ACO made by AIMPOINT on a ADM “American defense MFG” it’s QD version ABSOLUTE height mount it’s just been mounted than taken off bought it on the 2nd of this mouth than recently just upgraded to a T2 before I even got to used the ACO so Now i have no need for it so looking to sell it or possibly trade for ar15 related parts
Asking $375 have the aimpoint box it came in and factory mount

Brand new aimpoint 3X-C magnifier i just through it in the factory ACO mount for now till I got another mount since it’s matches the height
$250 or $450 with the unity fde FTC with adm QD lever

$600 for the ACO in the adm mount and than the 3x-c no mount or can be left in the factory ACO one

Also have the unity FDE flip to center mount with plus ADM QD lever for the aimpoint or any 30mm magnifier wanting to sell it or trade for a black one or trade for a holosun 403 or 503 to put on the black unity fast mount I have $225

Plus unity fast micro T1/T2 mount in black want to sell it for $175 or trade for black unity fast mount for the MRO foot print one to run my MRO at 2.26” because my T2 is on my duty weapon on lower 1/3 $175
$350 for both unity mounts

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