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Dick Heller Sues District of Columbia Again, This Time Over the City’s ‘Ghost Gun’ Ban

Washington ghost Gun Ban dick heller
(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

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[A] new lawsuit argues that the city’s law [banning “ghost guns”] is overly broad and outlaws all polymer-based guns, including the top-selling handguns made by Glock — which are issued to most D.C. police officers. (The law makes an exception for military and law enforcement users.)

The city has a poor track record in its attempts to restrict guns in the city, with its prohibition on gun ownership overturned by the landmark Supreme Court decision in District of Columbia v. Heller. Now a plaintiff in that suit, Dick A. Heller of Southeast Washington, is back with a challenge to the new ghost-gun law, as well as the District’s long ban on manufacturing weapons.

D.C. elected officials have long “adhered to a cynical policy of ‘self-government for me, but no self-defense for thee,’ ” wrote George L. Lyon Jr., Heller’s lawyer.

— Tom Jackman in D.C.’s ghost-gun law faces legal challenge from Dick Heller, successful gun rights activist

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