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POOR VICTIM SELECTION: Armed Robbers Pick the Wrong Church’s Chicken As CCW Shoots Both, One Fatally

Image by Boch. Base image via Church’s Chicken (facebook)

Maybe the two armed robbers at a Port Arthur, Texas Church’s Chicken thought the chain’s tasty Wild Berry Cobbler was to die for, as they old expression goes. Instead of buying one, they tried something more unconventional (not to mention illegal); armed robbery. In the end one of them ended up buying it.

It all started Friday evening just after 8pm. The duo walked into the store and announced a robbery, just the way they learned it on TV. When the tense armed robbery scene grew too ominous, a good guy who was in the store produced his own gun. Rather than surrendering and escaping, the bad guys tried their hands at close quarters combat. They fared…poorly.

After a brief shootout in the restaurant, the freshly perforated bad guys ran away with empty pockets as fast as their feet could carry them. None of the staff or customers were injured by the menacing armed duo.

Given the easily-followed blood trails, it didn’t take cops long to apprehend the pair of leaking losers. One died a short time later. The other is recovering, soon to be on his way to a jail cell.

The police interviewed the good Samaritan with a gun and promptly released him. Port Arthur is in Texas, after all, not Austin.

Here’s an excerpt from Fox News . . .

“Several shots were fired and both suspects were struck,” the Port Arthur Police Department said in a press release. “The suspects fled the scene and were later located by police officers.”  

One of the suspects was later pronounced dead at an area hospital, police said. The second was located at Normandy Apartments, KFDM reported, and was brought to the emergency room for treatment.  

The armed citizen remained at the scene, was questioned by detectives and then released. The incident is still under active investigation by Port Arthur Police’s Criminal Investigations Division. It happened just a day after another armed robbery at a Jack in the Box in the same town, Port Arthur Police Chief Tim Duriso told KFDM it was not immediately clear whether the same two suspects were responsible. 

The moral of the story: it’s a lot easier for civilized people to pay a couple of bucks for a cup of cobbler than to try to bully and threaten a bunch of innocent people during a violent armed robbery. Because you never know when there’s a good guy with a gun who might just punch your ticket if you threaten him or her and/or his or her family. And that’s the case more and more often these days.

As for the good guy who saved the staff and guests of the Port Arthur Church’s Chicken, we’re glad he survived and hope he’s okay. In the meantime, we anoint him with our “Defensive Gun Use of the Day” title for saving innocents from injury or death. Good job, sir. Attaboy.

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