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Feud: Philly’s Democrat Mayor and Police Commissioner Want Soros DA to Do His Damn Job

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner
Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

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[Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle] Outlaw said police believe some of the main drivers of the spike in violence since the spring of 2020 are domestic incidents, neighborhood beefs that escalate on social media, and narcotics sales. She also said officers are taking a record number of guns off the street, and an Inquirer analysis earlier this year showed convictions of those crimes have dropped during [District Attorney Larry] Krasner’s tenure.

His office has long contended that there’s little evidence to suggest people who are arrested in Philadelphia for nonviolent gun offenses go on to commit shootings and homicides. [Krasner spokesperson Jane] Roh said Thursday that the office believes the number of people arrested primarily for drug dealing who go on to commit a shooting shortly after “would be similarly insignificant.”

That conclusion is difficult to assess considering about four in five shootings in Philadelphia don’t result in charges, meaning little is known about those perpetrating the majority of gun violence in the city and what their criminal backgrounds are.

The long-simmering disconnect among the city’s top law enforcement officials burst into public view last month when [Mayor Jim[ Kenney and Krasner publicly traded insults with each other after members of City Council traveled to Chester to learn about how officials there have collaborated to fight gun violence.

— Anna Orso in Philly’s top cop says she and DA Krasner ‘just don’t agree’ on how to reduce shootings

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