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VIDEO: Chronic Staffing Shortage Turns Hungry Chipotle Patron Into Armed Burrito Bandit

philadelphia chipotle gun robbery
Courtesy Philadelphia Police Department

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Not everyone deals well with low blood sugar. If the interval between meals gets too long, some people can get cranky, or downright hangry. Combine that effect with the chronic staffing shortages that have afflicted retail establishments across the country and things can get, well, dicey.

Last week a woman waited a little too long for her food in a Philadelphia Chipotle restaurant when the lack of good help became critical. Critical enough that the restaurant was forced to close.

According to Philadelphia police the person working the counter…

…was instructed by her manager to close the store to customers and advise the waiting customers to order online due to staffing. The complainant relayed the information to the waiting patrons…

…one of whom didn’t take the news well at all.

The woman in the video below was in no mood wait any longer for her food. Instead, she indulged her inner Karen and demanded to speak to the manager. At gunpoint.

The offender stated if someone doesn’t make her food she will be back and there will be a problem.

The counter person then got to work preparing the burrito the armed customer so clearly needed.

A co-worker decided to make the offenders order in an effort to have her leave. After making the order the offender displayed the firearm again and stated “somebody better give me my food”. The offender took the food and fled the store in an unknown direction.

The Philly PD is still looking for the armed burrito bandit. If you recognize her, you can let them know here.

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