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Faxon Introduces New Line of EXOS Pistol Compensators

Faxon EXOS Pistol Compensator

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From Faxon . . .

Faxon Firearms, a Cincinnati, Ohio-based manufacturer of quality rifleand pistol components, and complete firearms, is excited to announce their new line of EXOS Pistol Compensators.

The team at Faxon Firearms is continuing to expand their product offerings for handgun enthusiasts and consumers. So far this year, they have released barrels forM&P Shield/Shield Plus, Glock 43/43X, and SIG P365 & P365 XL, as well as Modular Magazine Extensions for Glock 19.

Faxon EXOS Pistol Compensators come in 3 models:

EXOS-513 for Glock and Faxon FX-19
EXOS-514 for M&P
EXOS-515 for SIG

Each model is designed to enhance both the features and aesthetic appearance of their designated platform(s).

Faxon EXOS Pistol Compensator

EXOS pistol compensators are machined from 6061 Aluminum and then black anodized. They feature a unique porting design to improve consistency while reducing muzzle climb and recoil.The compensators will ship complete with set screws, Allen key, and thread locker.

Faxon will be releasing the EXOS comps to the general public on Wednesday, September 22 with an MSRP for all 3 models set at $85. You can learn more about the EXOS Pistol Compensators, as well as watch the product trailer and installation tutorial at

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