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3 Chicago ‘Anti-Violence Activists’ Facing Felony Gun Charges While Out On Bail for Other Felony Gun Charges

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The criminal justice system in the city of Chicago might as well be called the “criminal’s” justice system. With prosecutors who don’t prosecute and judges who don’t hold violent criminal predators accountable, it’s no wonder the city’s moniker is Murder City, USA.

How bad is it in the Windy City? It’s bad. It’s so bad that three of Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s “anti-violence workers” were arrested in a single week on fresh felony gun charges…while out on bail for other felony gun arrests. Including one so-called anti-violence worker who allegedly shot at two people and then recently, allegedly on video, threatened to shoot another.

CWB Chicago has the gory details.

There are a lot of things that will send your eyebrows rising during Chicago’s daily felony bond court hearings. But among the more perplexing are the people accused of illegally carrying firearms while, according to their defense attorneys, they are active members of anti-violence groups.

The past few days have been extra perplexing. At least three men who are supposedly working to end gun violence in Chicago were charged with illegally carrying guns this week while they were already on bond for other felony gun cases. One of the men’s pending cases includes allegations that he shot at two people.

Remember, these guys receive paychecks to “mediate” conflicts in order to avoid violence and bloodshed. While, it seems, settling their own scores by using violence.

When Sendalio Williams, 25, appeared before Judge John Lyke on Saturday afternoon, it was the second time in four months that he stood in front of the same judge on a new gun charge. Prosecutors said cops watching a CPD surveillance camera feed Friday saw Williams pull a handgun out of a satchel and point it at a woman who appeared to be recording him on her phone.

Prosecutors said officers went to the scene, chased Williams, and found a loaded gun in his satchel.

Williams also appeared before Lyke on May 3. In that case, cops watching a CPD surveillance camera feed allegedly saw him fire a gun and jump into a black SUV. Police pulled the car over and allegedly found a gun in the trunk behind him. Prosecutors said he admitted to police that he fired the gun in the direction of two other men.

As of this writing, Mayor Lightfoot’s city — America’s largest open-air shooting gallery — has only notched four homicides (and 49 people maimed) so far this holiday weekend. For a total of 567 homicides for the year. That’s two cases shy of more than 44 entire states had in the entire year of 2019.

Keep in mind that as of last month, one-third of Chicago’s known (alleged) murder assailants were out on “affordable bail” for previous felony arrests.

Gun control advocates love to trot out the justification “…if it saves just one life” to rationalize still more restrictions upon law-abiding gun owners. Why is it all we hear are crickets when it comes to all the people shot and killed by violent felons who have been released on little or no “affordable” bail?

And why is Illinois spending tax dollars for programs like “CeaseFire” to pay felons to urge other felons to put their guns down?

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