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ATF Not Amused by the Number of ‘Giggle Switches’ Turning Up on District of Columbia Streets

Chinese GLOCK full auto switch (
Chinese knock-off GLOCK full auto switch (

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“It used to be we’d have an incident where a round or two was fired, and that’s bad enough,” [ATF D.C. field office special agent in charge Charlie J.] Patterson said. “Now you’re having crime scenes where there are 15 or more rounds fired. . . . That’s doubling or tripling the potential for death.”

Patterson also said authorities take a dim view of the term “giggle switch,” though it has made its way into police reports and court documents.

Chris Stone, a spokesman for the National Association for Gun Rights, said the “average person is not going to own a Glock with a full-on auto sear.” He said their increasing use on the streets is “criminals doing what they always do — breaking the law and finding a way around it.”

His group says that additional laws or rules, such as those proposed to more closely regulate kits used to make ghost guns, harm hobbyists while failing to dissuade or prevent criminals from obtaining the parts. Stone said laws prohibiting auto sears “are not doing anything to stop the criminals.”

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