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Stoeger Condor Synthetic Shotgun

Introducing the New Stoeger Condor Synthetic Shotgun

Stoeger has now released the latest addition to its extensive range of high-quality firearms with the arrival of the all-new Stoeger Condor Synthetic Shotgun. This exciting new addition from Stoerger provides plenty of features and incredible versatility.

This latest shotgun in the Stoeger product range is excellent news for clay shooting and hunting enthusiasts. If you have always wanted to give clay shooting or hunting a try but have found it too expensive to buy the equipment needed, your problems may now be over. As well as offering exceptional performance, the Stoeger Condor Synthetic Shotgun provides an affordable option for anyone looking to buy a new shotgun. Purchasing a Stoeger Synthetic Shotgun will enable you to finally make a start and get your new hobby underway. So, if a lack of an affordable firearm has been holding you back from your new hobby, the Stoeger Synthetic Shotgun could be the option you have been waiting for and even provide the opportunity to start shooting competitively.

Stoeger Condor Synthetic Shotgun Features

You may be wondering exactly what makes this latest shotgun from Stoeger so great. Well, this new shotgun provides a whole host of benefits. Here are some of the reasons the newest release from Stoeger is so good:

  • The weather-resistant stock makes it suitable for a range of conditions.
  • It offers a high-performance shotgun at an affordable price, providing an excellent firearm for shooting sports.
  • The Stoeger Condor Synthetic Shotgun is dual-purpose and suitable for use on the shooting line as well as on the field.
  • The synthetic stock is textured to help maintain grip no matter the weather conditions.
  • The Stoeger Condor Synthetic Shotgun is comfortable to use and can easily be shoulder-mounted.
  • The quality of the new Stoeger shotgun is demonstrated by the fact it has a five-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Stoeger Condor Synthetic Shotgun Specification

Now you have familiarized yourself with its features, it is time to see the specifications that this new Stoeger shotgun has to offer:

  • Shoots both 2-¾ inch and 3-inch shells 
  • 12 gauge
  • 44 inches long
  • 28-inch barrel
  • 7.3 lb weight
  • Brass bead sight
  • Over and under shotgun action
  • Screw in-cylinder chokes that are modified and improved
  • Black synthetic forend and barrel
  • Tang mounted safety
  • Single trigger
  • Machine-turned monobloc sides
  • Tang-mounted safety

A Quality Synthetic Shotgun at an Affordable Price

Stoeger Industries are well-known for their performance firearms that deliver quality at a low-cost price. Stoeger has manufactured guns for almost one hundred years, so their products are built on a solid heritage and nearly a century of experience making firearms. 

If you have been looking around for a while for a shotgun that will enable you to finally get started in shooting sports, the Stoeger Condor Synthetic Shotgun is sure to be worth the wait. With a five-year warranty on all Stoeger firearms, you can rely on their reputation for quality products when purchasing your new gun.



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