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Everything You Need To Know About Concealed Carry Clothing

Concealed carry with a jacket is essentially the same as with an open-front shirt, it’s just that more layers are involved.

Clearing cover is the same, and the ideas are the same. You can wear it closed or open.

Classically, the concealed carrier will wear their jacket open. In spring and fall, when light jackets are the norm, this is…unnoticeable because almost everyone does it.

In winter, it becomes a different story. To the typical observer, it’s just an open jacket and they don’t really notice it. However, it’s a dead giveaway to those initiated, such as other concealed carriers and also to law enforcement.

Whether this is a concern to you or not…is up to you to decide. Some people don’t care about how they appear to the observant or unobservant, and others want to be as discreet as humanly possible.

If you do decide to concealed carry under a closed jacket, there are a couple of tips, tricks and so on that can help make clearing the cover garment easier and more efficient.

One tip is to put a zipper pull on the zipper to get reliable purchase on the zipper, and so you can unzip the placket in a hurry. Having some weight in the pocket also helps move the jacket out of the way of the gun.

If you’re wearing a jacket more of the bomber or hoodie variety instead of a longer parka-style jacket, you may be able to pull the jacket up and over the gun just like you would with a shirt.

A longer hem makes pulling the jacket up and over the gun harder to do. It’s also the case that not everyone has a range of motion in their shoulder that allows for it. Therefore, a parka (or parka-style) jacket, or the classic ¾ length style is going to complicate the draw.

Buttoned jackets are right out. You can’t open them quickly, unless they have a zipper under the placket which some – but not all – do.

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