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Blackwater Firearms Sentry 12 Pump Action Shotgun

Blackwater Firearms recently released the new Sentry 12 pump action shotgun designed primarily for defensive use. The weapon, Blackwater says, incorporates several key advances that make it superior to previous iterations. 

Blackwater Firearms’ Goals

When designing the Sentry 12, Blackwater wanted to create a compact, lightweight weapon that would be useful in tactical situations. To that end, the manufacturer incorporated modularity and simplicity into the design. When you inspect the weapon close up, you see how many simplifications the brand made to the design while still providing in-theatre versatility. 

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the gun is its claimed weight. Blackwater says that the Sentry 12 is just 6.5 pounds, making it ideal for situations in which users have to change direction rapidly. 

The weapon is also only 36 inches long. It is all part of Blackwater’s commitment to making a compact weapon suitable for a wide variety of situations. The 12 inch pull is short enough to give users a high degree of agility. 

Throughout the project, one of Blackwater’s concerns was the effect of compactness on pointing and tracking. However, the brand gets around this limitation by carefully calibrating the distance between the stock, handle, trigger and handguard. This creates an almost one-of-a-kind shotgun that offers both precision and manoeuvrability. 


So what can an owner expect if they purchase this gun? 

The Sentry 12’s standout feature is the ease with which owners can disassemble it in the field. Blackwater Firearms designed the shotgun in a way that allows users to break it apart by removing just one pin. Components include the bolt and carriage, the lower receiver and the upper receiver. To fully strip the gun, users only have to untighten the barrel nut. 

This aspect of the Sentry 12 makes it easy to swap out various components on the fly, including in the field. During tactical situations, owners can change out one barrel for another in rapid time. 

Blackwater designed it from the ground up with adjustability in mind. The modularity means that it’s easy to remove one component and replace it with another or add accessories. Some swaps that you make will utterly transform the performance and characteristics of the gun, allowing you to use it in different positions. 

Quality construction was another of Blackwater’s priorities. Furniture is made of a limited edition FDE colored polymer, and the barrel is a full 18.5” bore nitride-coated. The upper is made of 6160-grade aluminum and there is more than 17 inches of Picatinny railing for whatever accessories you might want to add. 

For left-handed users, Blackwater includes ambidextrous control options on the Sentry 12. Switching between left-handed and right-handed firing is incredibly easy in the field and on the range. 

The gun is ready to use out of the box and comes with two magazines – one for the shotgun itself, and the other for your hip belt. All components are designed and sourced in the US from a network of manufacturers. 



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