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Springfield Emissary 1911

The Springfield Emissary 1911 is a new handgun from Springfield Armory. Designers created the firearm to bridge the gap between defensive and custom pistols, giving owners an all-round, highly capable package. 

The Emissary’s primary appeal is the quality of construction. Springfield Armory designs the pistol around a two-tone finish with blue-dyed carbon steel for the slide and frame, and lighter metal for the body. The three grooves etched towards the front of the barrel improve the aesthetics of the piece while the textured “grenade-like” grip provides additional control while firing. 


The Springfield Emissary 1911 offers various features that firearm users will appreciate. For instance, it has a solid-body, flat-faced trigger. Springfield Armory says that this simplifies the design of the gun while improving performance. The flat face assists with control during firing and reloading. 

It also comes with a skeletonized hammer. This gives owners ultra-fast locking times and improves the style of the gun. 

The unique selling point of the Emissary is its “Tri-Top” cut slide. Testing suggests that the feature improves light diffusion and reduces glare in bright light situations for more accurate shooting. Springfield Armory places the grooved sections close to the front sight to assist handgun users shooting from long range. 

The gun also provides support for those shooting in darker conditions. Its U-Dot system in combination with tritium and luminescent front sight provides quality performance in dawn and twilight situations. Looking down the barrel of the gun, owners can quickly match up the front sight with the helpful U-shaped strip at the rear before pulling the trigger. 

The accessory rail located in front of the trigger on the underside of the barrel is a critical feature for anyone planning on using the weapon in low light situations. Springfield Armory says that the Picatinny rail for accessories of their choice, including lasers, torches or even combination units. 

A Gun For Life

Right from the start of this project, Springfield Armory wanted the Emissary 1911 to be a gun that provided a “lifetime of service.” The pistol features an impressively rugged fully-forged frame and slide, giving you the impression of a weapon that will last many years. 

Many gun owners will enjoy the robust feel of the frame and how it creates a connection to the gun. The textured finish of the pistol combined with smooth sections of steel inspire confidence. The checkered pattern on the handle has a similar feel to a grenade. And the 5” barrel has a thick profile that uses a bushing-free system that integrates with the slide. 

Springfield Armory includes some extra touches that it hopes will inspire customers to buy. Details like the laser-etched logo on the side of the barrel and the matching trigger make the pistor more attractive. 

Springfield Armory says that it will include two free magazines in the basic package with storage for up to eight rounds. Ultimately, the Emissary 1911 is a dignified pistol with a reputation for longevity. It is factory ready straight from the box. 



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