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Kauger Arms Tomahawk

Who Are Kauger Arms?

Kauger Arms have years of experience in designing, and manufacturing firearms, the Kauger Family are well known as industry leaders in the firearms sector. Kauger firearms are made in the US, and famous for their revolutionary technology. Whatever shooting sport you practice, Kauger arms can offer top-quality and dependable firearms.

Kauger Arms Tomahawk

The Kauger Arms Tomahawk is a new hunting handgun, designed specifically for Turkey Hunters. The handgun was tailor-made in a Kauger Arms shop, all of the gun components are custom grade. The Tomahawk itself is a .410 barrel smooth bore, it boasts a Kauger bolt action, including a spiral flute bolt with a Triggertech style trigger. The stock is made using a 3D scanned replica of a sanded stock (hand carved). Kauger Arms molded this stock to fit your hand perfectly. 

The handgun has a detachable magazine (two-round), it also features an optics rail. Turkey hunters can purchase the Kauger Arms Tomahawk in a range of colors including woodland camo, walnut, and evergreen. The ATF classifies the Kauger Arms Tomahawk handgun as a non-NFA weapon, (meaning that you won’t need an NFA stamp to own one). 

What’s unique about the Kauger Arms Tomahawk?

The Kauger Arms Tomahawk offers a JEB choke tube, it’s an OEM tube that was designed especially for this handgun. What’s the advantage of pairing the JEB choke tube with the Tomahawk? Essentially, you’ve got a Turkey killing range of approximately 30-40, (that’s pretty impressive for a .410 handgun)! The JEBS Chokes is well known as the best choke tube for turkeys. Back in 2018, JEBS Chokes owner Bobby Sears, used a Tomahawk to complete the Grand Slam, from then on the demand has soared. According to The Outdoor Wire, ‘Kauger Arms increased its production by 110% to meet demand.’

Bobby Sears discovered that patterns created with smaller choke tubes offered the same effectiveness as other shotguns, (providing these guns had the right restriction and ammunition). Bobby started off by combining a T.SS with his choke tubes. Later he  went on to achieve a slam using a .410 handgun, and these new JEBS choke tubes.

The leading handgun for turkey shooting

The Kauger Arms Tomahawk needed the right choke to be capable of shooting in dense patterns. According to Ballistic Magazine, ‘The choke provides 40 points of constriction, measuring 0.422-inch on the bore side and narrows down to 0.382 at the muzzle.’

Your average turkey choke has around ‘45 points of constriction’, and so the Kauger Arms Tomahawk ends up faring better than your average gun,’ (Ballistic Magazine 2021). For turkey hunters everywhere, the Kauger Arms Tomahawk is considered the best new hunting handgun.

When you’re choosing any new hunting handgun it’s a great idea to check out reviews, and figure out your needs. Rest assured, the Kauger Arms brand is a famous name in the firearms community, and for good reason. If you’re looking for a new handgun for hunting, the Kauger Arms Tomahawk is the perfect choice.



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