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What’s The Best Concealed Carry Holster? 5 Top Choices

Ankle holsters and shoulder holsters are some of the other most popular holster styles that are used for daily carry outside of a uniformed/duty application.

Uniform police officers and active duty soldiers tend to use an OWB holster or a drop leg holster. Concealment is not a concern at all, and the environment they’re in and the job they do is obviously way different than what concerned citizens are doing.

So what about ankle holsters?

An ankle holster is not a good choice of primary holster, unless you’ve no alternative. Classically, an ankle gun is a backup gun for in case the first runs out of ammunition, or is dropped, taken or otherwise rendered inoperable.

Ankle holsters are awkward and slower to use than a holster that’s on or about the waistband. You have to bend over at minimum, if not kneel, to draw the gun and get it into action.

In other words, it’s fine for a backup gun but you do not want an ankle holster to be your Plan A.

Shoulder holsters are definitely a viable carry method IF you get the right shoulder holster and IF you happen to have a body shape that works really well with one. Not everyone does.

Most people who have used a quality shoulder holster (key idea!) would agree that they’re very comfortable. What causes a lot of people trouble is finding a manner of dress that lets them use it on a regular basis. They add bulk where none typically is, so concealment isn’t easy.

Some people find they’re a winter-only proposition. Some people only use them in certain instances, like riding motorcycles, and others just carry them on occasion just because.

Your mileage, of course, may vary, so to speak, so it’s worth it to experiment and see if you can make a shoulder holster work for you. However, not everyone can, and that has been the issue with shoulder holsters for quite some time.

The above holster styles are the ones that are used more than any other by most people who carry on a daily basis. If you start with a good example of any of them, you’ll be off to a great start.

Find YOUR Best Concealed Carry Holster

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