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IWB vs OWB Holsters For Concealed Carry: Which Is Better?

In theory, an OWB holster is “faster” in that you can draw the gun and place a shot on target in less time than doing the same from an IWB holster.

Is that actually true?

It can be…but isn’t always.

You will be faster drawing a gun from an OWB holster that you aren’t concealing. However, you won’t necessarily be faster from an OWB holster that you are.

When you’re concealing and carrying, you have to clear your cover garment prior to drawing the pistol which consumes the same amount of time whether you’re carrying a gun in an OWB holster or an IWB holster.

You still have to get your shirt out of the way, whether your cover garment is a polo or a t-shirt covering the holster, or an unbuttoned flannel shirt.

Speed when it comes to drawing a gun from concealment has everything to do with clearing the cover garment and getting the pistol out of the holster. Whether your pants or shorts are covering the bottom half of the holster doesn’t matter.

Ultimately, what makes you fast on the draw is being fast on the draw. And how do you get fast on the draw?

Practice, and that’s what makes most of the difference.

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